GBDI   International  Conference
                Las Vegas,NV,USA 


Please read all of the instructions below:
 1)  At the Registration Desk, you will receive your Original Receipt for your Registration Fee(s), your Name Badge(s), a printed Conference Program, and your Conference Proceedings (available on CD-ROM only). If you have any unpaid fees (Extra Page Fees, Extra Journal copies, etc.), they may be paid by cash or check (No Credit Cards will be accepted at the Conference).
 2)   The Name Badge is required at all times of all Participants / Spouses / Guests to participate in all Presentations / Luncheons / Breakfasts / Coffee Breaks and other Activities.

 3) What should I bring for my presentation? 
Only overhead projector, Projector ( to be connected to your computer ) and Screen will be provided for your presentation (No other equipment will be supplied). Bring transparencies, computer, etc., that you may use .
 4)  You may bring about twenty hardcopies of your paper/ presentation items for distribution at your session. Each paper will be given about 20 minutes for presentation. Session Chairs will manage their sessions.

 5) What if my Paper / Name / Co-Authors is listed incorrectly in the Program?
 Please e-mail GBDI as soon as possible at (please include your Paper Number!) with your proposed addition/correction (including co-author names, etc.) so that we may add/correct your information in the printed materials.
 6)   If you completed Registration and you are NOT planning to attend the GBDI Conference: Please e-mail GBDI as soon as possible at (please include your Paper Number!) with your name, mailing address, paper title, and paper number so that we may schedule better.
 7)   What if my Presentation is not on the day I wanted? Rest assured that we have made every possible attempt to satisfy your request. During Registration at the Conference , please contact a GBDI Planning Committee member to make necessary arrangements, if possible. We will not make any changes to the Program materials until we are at the Conference . Do NOT e-mail your requests ahead of time.
  8) What if I have a problem with Registration / Fees / Publication?
 Any member of the GBDI Planning Committee will be able to assist you with your concern during Registration Hours at our Registration Desk.
 9) How can I get another issue of a Publication or bring a Guest to the Events? You may purchase additional issues of the Publications and/or submit the Guest Fee (not for co-authors or co-presenters) so that your guest may join you in all Conference activities.
Have fun, enjoy Vegas’ outstanding entertainment & great cuisine . We hope that you win a $Million, and enjoy all that Fabulous Las Vegas has to offer! Good Luck!


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